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Jack Russell Terrier Chasing Own Tail

So my daughter’s boyfriend has in recent months adopted this gorgeous little puppy called Guinevere. Tan in colour, rolls of skin, a gentle nature and those sad doggy eyes to match. She’s just beautiful and loads of fun along with her sister Boadacea.

Last week the dynamic duo reached the required age to be de-sexed and so off they went for a day at the vet. Guin also had her extra claw taken off, lest it catch and tear.

Operations duly undertaken and the puppies slept soundly for the night with their little bandaged body parts.

But the very next morning they were up and at it again. Rumbling and playing despite their bandages. Obviously they didn’t read the pamphlets. And nobody told them all the side-effects they might experience. They just did what they felt capable of doing. They played.

My daughter’s comment… how’s that for the power of suggestion! After all, you can’t put the idea in a puppy’s head that they might feel like crap. So they weren’t affected by the ideas other’s might have for them.

And then tonight my father called. Bumped into a vet today who had a dog on chemotherapy. The vet’s only comment: ‘Dogs do chemo so much better than humans’. He couldn’t wait to tell me.

Stories like these make me wonder just how much easier the chemo could be. Without the pamphlets that tell us what to expect. Without other people’s stories of side-effects that fill our heads with fear. Without the belief that chemo has to be difficult in order to do its work.

Is it possible that chemotherapy could actually be that bit easier than we realise?

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