A tale of two kitties

Two groups of kitties really. Studied by a man named Sterman way back in the 1960s. In the heat of the space race. And it all came about when NASA technicians started getting sick because of their exposure to rocket fuel. Rocket fuel that caused convulsions in low doses and death when the dose was higher. Not such a good thing to be handling.

So in an effort to protect their staff, NASA initiated a study to determine exactly how the fuel caused harm, and how this harm could be prevented. And this is where the cats come in. Because a number of them were fed rocket fuel in higher and higher doses until they developed the same symptoms as the staff. Not such a pretty outcome. But without getting into the atrocities of research, their sacrifice taught us something very important. Because some of the cats simply didn’t convulse. Something within them seemed to protect them from the most devastating effects of the fuel. And then they realised. The cats that seemed to withstand the toxicity so much better were part of the very same group that they had used in another experiment. An experiment where they had used neurofeedback to strengthen their brains in a particular way.

And so it begs the question, doesn’t it. If we can teach cats to withstand the effects of toxic substances, what can we do for us humans? Many people don’t realise the wonders inside of all of us simply waiting for a chance to be used…

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