Blind Faith

I see it daily. In the hospitals. In the media. All around me. People struggling through chemo. Enduring side-effects they don’t necessarily have to experience. Accepting a lesser quality of life, because their thinking doesn’t allow them to see another option. Seemingly blind to the help available.

People often ask me to help a friend or loved one. But the call never comes. And I guess it’s because their belief systems don’t even allow for the possibility of something easier. Not believing it’s possible, they don’t even pick up the phone.

And there are many areas of our lives where we get caught in a pattern of thinking that blinds us to other possibilities, aren’t there.

Blind faith can be a dangerous thing. Because it depends on what you believe in. And if you believe you’ve got to have side-effects you have a darn good chance of creating them on so many levels. But don’t just take my word for it. Have you read the research yet? This is one area I’d encourage you to google.

So few people realise the role their minds’ play in all of this. After all we’re raised to think cancer is a physical thing. And must be dealt with physically. But without a brain your body just wouldn’t work, would it? It’s strange to think that people can simply forget that the mind controls the body. And many of your side-effects.

You could call it en-tranced. It describes it aptly. People so totally mesmerised by the horror of their diagnosis and the treatment ahead that they can’t see anything other than total despair. And struggle. Raised in the mindset where the only option is to tough it out or succumb. Gritting their teeth rather than opening to the idea that it really could be easier. I guess it’s because the enormity of it all can be just so overwhelming that we can’t see what’s there, right in front of us. The things we can grab hold of to help us through.

It’s something you see after accidents too. A person who goes into a state of shock and simply freezes. Unable to make the phone call despite the mobile in their pocket. Unable to stem the bleeding or move to get out of harm’s way. Unable to think clearly despite being an intelligent thinking person.

Simply frozen by an experience that prevents us from helping ourselves.

Is it time to learn how much easier this could be?

Go on, make the call…

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