Cancer is NOT the problem

You might be wondering why I’ve come to the conclusion that cancer is not the problem. Certainly it’s an issue. And a bloody big one. But it’s not the actual problem.

I believe cancer is in fact the consequence of the problem.

Of course that begs the question ‘What then is the problem?’

As I see it the actual problem lies with our immune system. That for some reason or other it has failed in its task. Packed its bags and had a little holiday – gone offline – been overwhelmed for some reason or other.

Given the western lifestyles we lead there are plenty of reasons why.

And all the while funds are being raised to ‘fight the cancer’ looking outside ourselves to find the miracle drug, the great majority seem to be overlooking the actual issue.

We need to rebuild the immune system so that it can do what needs to be done

That doesn’t mean to say that we don’t need the surgery or the chemo, or the hormone blockers or the radiation. If the cancer is bigger than our immune system can cope with it helps to get some outside assistance.

Take a load of the system while we rebuild.

But we must rebuild.

So this time round I’m taking hormone blockers (again). As my wise doctor said, they won’t get rid of the cancer, but it’s like taking the gun out of the enemy’s hands. The enemy is still there, but at least he can’t shoot you. And I’ve had to embrace these ‘war’ images this time. Last time I resisted. But this time I need my ‘soldiers’ to stand up and fight. Because this is a small war inside that I have to fight as peacefully as I can.

So what does it take to rebuild the immune system?

Well that’s a million dollar question.

First things first, I believe we all have to experience a mental shift and realise what actually needs to be done. Stop focusing purely on the cancer and instead take an integrated approach to rebuilding. And then to rebuild in whatever way works for us.

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