Changing my mind

Something got me to thinking about my past just recently. And specifically the plantar warts I suffered in my early teenage years. Horrible, painful, awful things that graced the soles of my left foot. Why not my right foot? Who’s to know.

The treatment of the day was to anaesthetise the area and burn them out. I still remember the excruciating pain of the anaesthetic being injected into my toe. A huge amount of fluid into a small area and I was prepped by the doctor about how much it would hurt. Knowing what I know about suggestion and expectations these days, and his prepping of me for the experience of pain, it was a sure bet it would hurt like buggery. And it did. I still remember the cold sweat that came with just the anticipation.

Fortunately, several treatments later, these little beauties seemed to disappear. Only to come back several years later. Strangely another period of extreme stress in my life and the virus just seemed to grab that opportunity while my immune system was otherwise occupied. This time I was older and could make my own medical decisions. Was I rushing back to the doctor for more of the same? Not me. I tried a bit of wart paint. But that didn’t work. So I tried good old fashioned banana peel. But that didn’t work either. In the end I simply decided that my body was going to sort these out on it’s own. And then I gave them no further thought.

Not so long afterwards I noticed they were gone and I’ve never had them since.

That was 20 years ago.

The mind is an incredible resource that is so under-utilised. And for some strange reason people are afraid of what they don’t understand. Mention the subconscious and people can sometimes run a mile. I often wonder why? We all have one and we use it everyday. To me being afraid of your own mind is like being afraid or your arm or your leg. And that’s just ludicrous isn’t it. They are an integral part of ourselves and how much easier life is when we use them!

And the mind is just so powerful. It’s there for all of us to use. Anytime we want to. When I hear of people given no hope through pharmaceuticals or surgery, I only wish the doctors that deliver this news would also tell them of people who have overcome the odds by doing something different. Perhaps changing their feelings, their thoughts, their behaviours, their choices, their environment. This all amounts to changing their minds really.

As my oncologist once said to me, your mind is so important in this…


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