Don’t forget your fascia


So nobody ever told me you need to look after your scar tissue. At least not that I remember. And despite my degree where we covered anatomy in those wet labs, I never gave my fascia a second thought. That beautiful web of tissue that weaves its way around every nook and cranny in our bodies, quietly and gently supporting us.

It’s like a wondrous spiders web.

And I find those beautiful.

But mine is not happy at the moment.

I guess I should have realised that all was not right when the muscle spasms began. Simple things like a sneeze that pulled under my arm where the lymph nodes use to be. Or when using a paint-brush that crossed my midline waves of spasm would echo through my torso. That my husband mentioned it was getting harder to adjust me.

But as is typical to my personality, I simply pushed on.

That is until the pain became the screaming signal from my body that some things needed to change.

It just never occurred to me that there’s a physical reality to scar tissue that needs to be considered. And that this can worsen with the general stress of everyday life. Too many hours sitting rigid at a desk. Dealing with the ups and downs of hormonal teenagers. Balancing the gig of working mum.

The list goes on.

As my wonderful friend in oncology massage gently reminded me, my body takes on this stress and unless I release it, I will eventually pay the price.

It’s been a reminder to look after myself.

When the smoke clears, a crisis can be a wonderful opportunity to rethink life. And while I spent much time reconstructing myself and my life when I was first diagnosed, the lack of sleep and the pain from my unhappy fascia in the last little while has caused me to think again. Regular massage, regular exercise, regular down-time… they really are non-negotiables.

So today I decided roses are my new hobby. I’ve always loved them. The beauty, the scent that can take your breath away. Especially the French ones. And as I gave myself the gift of an hour to just sit and enjoy the beautiful book of roses my husband gave me during the week, I found the pain disappeared as I lost myself in those old world blooms.

I’m sure my fascia was grateful.

In this busy life it’s so easy to forget what’s most important…

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