Escaping the coop

I surprised some pigeons in the chicken coop today. The chickens had departed for the garden leaving the roost unattended. And so the pigeons had wandered in. Pecking at the leftover seed. And as I went out with the food scraps, they got such a fright. Feathers flying everywhere as they tried to escape. Two got out easily. But one just couldn’t find the door. And I stood and watched him struggle for his freedom. Trying to give him space to just stop long enough to find the exit. But he was so disoriented. Repeatedly flying into the wire trying to escape. It was difficult to watch. And I felt for the helplessness of this bird. Because the stress of the situation prevented him from seeing the door to freedom was right behind him. Available to him, if only he could gather himself for a moment to notice it.

And it reminded me how often the answers are there right in front of us. But how often our reactions prevent us from seeing them…

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