Filling the bucket

I wish I could give blood. Everywhere I go I see the blood bank vans. I seem to be haunted by them. But there’s not much point. They always have trouble finding my veins. Every surgery is the same. Has been all my life. Both my daughter and my mum are exactly the same. In fact, the blood bank actually sent my mum away telling her thank you but no thank you. Too hard to find her veins.

But I wish I could give blood. River of life. And such an easy way to pay it forward, isn’t it. I never realised that 34% of all blood is to help people with cancer. I just finished a beautiful book about a girl living with leukemia. And the blood transfusions helped her to keep living, to keep ticking things off her bucket list. Because a bucket list always gives us something to live for, doesn’t it…

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