Finding the connection

I was talking to a woman the other day who told me she’d had two types of cancer in three years. But it was the next sentence that truly dumbfounded me.

‘There’s no connection between them’ she said.

It was all I could do to bite my tongue. After all, she wasn’t asking for my help. We were just talking. But it felt like a flat earth moment.

No connection.

Well, at a cellular level, perhaps that is true. Different tumours. Different biochemistry. No secondary involvement. But what happens when we step back and take a good look at the whole picture. She’d be the connection, wouldn’t she? She’d be the common link. And given that, could it be possible that something she was doing, or not doing, could be contributing to the breakdown of her immune system?

It’s worth checking out isn’t it? Especially if she doesn’t want a third cancer.

I’m reading Dr Herbert Benson’s Relaxation Revolution. And he’s no small fry in the world of medicine. Associate Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School, it is his groundbreaking work that has established the modern field of mind body medicine. In other words, what we can do to help ourselves heal.

And the research is staggering. Did you know for example that people who practise the relaxation response for just twelve to fifteen minutes per day, have genetic activity that runs counter to the genetic activity associated with various cancers? Or that you can change your genetic activity simply by beginning to practise the relaxation response even if you’ve never done it before.

In other words, learning to slow your heart rate down, your breathing down, your brainwaves down and allowing your body to truly relax down from the stress of life can change the way your genes behave. Now that’s something you can’t get in a needle or pill, isn’t it. And while promises can’t yet be made, it is this research that is opening the door to new cancer therapies, where what we do can make all the difference…

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