First World Problems

We planted our first trees last weekend. Oaks inoculated with truffles (we hope) and beautiful Lombardy poplars. It will only take twenty years or so of patience but one day the garden will be a beautiful country garden.  The only problem is our water trailer is out of action. So to water the new plants I have to lug buckets of water down the drive. I’ve discovered the wheelbarrow makes it faster but it’s still hard work. And as I carted the water it occurred to me how really fortunate I am to have this problem. Because in the third world they cart water miles just to stay alive.

I have noticed my first world problems creeping back in. Whether my daughter’s tablet will connect to the wifi at school so she can do her lessons (they don’t like android), watching the rabbits eat my new garden (they use to be cute), and the never-ending problem of what we will  have for dinner? In a family that love their food, baked beans on toast is not the answer. And in noticing these first world problems occupying my thoughts I realise how fortunate I am that they are the biggest things I have to worry about these days. My treatment all but complete. My healing done. Myself renewed.

These first world problems are a sign that I have moved on from the chemo suite and back into ‘normal’ life, a new normal of my own creation.  And it occurs to me that when our minds are occupied by first world problems, perhaps it really is a reason to celebrate…

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