Happy and Healthy

Knife and fork. Black and white. Up and down. Some things are just meant to go together, aren’t they. I recall a friend pointing out another fairly significant one. Happy and healthy. Just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it.

I went for my bloods this week. Just routine. I only do them every six months or so now. And I feel so good that it doesn’t worry me at all. In fact, I quite like seeing those numbers all come back so neatly fitting in the ‘healthy’ zone. And those tumour markers. I’m delighted to say they’re non-existent. But I have to confess there is still just that one moment of uncertainty as I open the envelope. But those moments are like a flash in a pan now. Because as soon as I notice one, it’s gone.

And I’m sure the reason I feel so at ease with my bloods and the other tests I do, is because I feel so good on the inside. Sure there are times I feel a bit stressed. That happens. It’s not like I live in some sort of special bubble. But deeper inside, I know that I am happy. Content with who I am and how life has panned out. I have meaning and purpose. And a confidence that the choices I make, make all the difference. For the first time in years I feel truly alive. And I know there’s no way a rogue cell could get a foothold in such an environment.

Candace Pert did some research many years ago. A brilliant scientist. She’s the one who gave us pain relief medication when she found the opiate receptor. Not surprisingly her work was nominated for the Nobel prize. But even more than that she discovered other receptors… receptors for our emotions on our immune cells. I wonder how many people realise that? Direct communication between the way we feel and our immune system. It stands to reason then that negative emotions would cause our immune system to operate one way while positive emotions would trigger quite the opposite, doesn’t it.

Happy and healthy. The implications are profound, aren’t they…

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