Hey Sugar

Sweet poison they call it. I haven’t read the book. But after viewing a youtube clip from the University of California, it’s got me thinking. Google Fat Chance: Fructose 2.0 and you’ll see what I mean.

And I always know when one of my girls has overdosed on sugar. She becomes Dr Jekyll. A revolting version of her beautiful self. Nasty and unpleasant. Now that I’ve worked out the trigger I can tell in an instant. And it happened again yesterday. The beautiful girl that went to school came home the horror sister. Mean in the extreme. And totally unwarranted. After sending her to the shower and then directly to bed, the penny dropped. And so I asked her… ‘what sugar did you have today?’

Turns out it was almost a whole tin of sweet biscuits. Given by a friend as a late Christmas gift and totally devoured at school. Save for the crumbs in the bottom that came home.

At least she was honest. That gained my respect.

And so I spoke to her about what happens to people when they drink too much alcohol. How their behaviour can change. How they can do things they might regret. Say things they wished they hadn’t said. Only issue is, sugar does exactly the same thing in her.

And more than that, it horrifies me now I know how inflammatory sugar can be in the body. Because inflammation is linked to all sorts of disease states. Cancer, heart disease, diabetes. And as she already has a chronic health condition, made worse by inflammation, for her it is especially important she keeps this down.

Probably the most eye-opening line in Fat Chance: Fructose 2.0, is when Dr Robert Lustig says…

‘you wouldn’t give your kids a glass of beer, but you don’t think twice about giving them softdrink’.

Are we poisoning ourselves? Are we poisoning our kids?

As someone who wants to stay cancer free, it certainly got my attention…

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