Hidden treasures

A secret garden. I discovered it only yesterday. Hidden there, amongst the gums. And I find it quite incredible that I’ve virtually driven past it everyday for the last three years. Never guessing its existence. Down a country road, up a bush drive, through the gate. And there it was. A garden of such stunning beauty. Another world. One hundred years old, but seemingly timeless. And enchanted. A healing place. The heady scent of old roses, meandering paths, the magic forest above the water garden, a wisteria walk to the old clay tennis court, a beautiful old house at the top of the circular drive. I love the sound of the gravel underfoot. An orchard, a kitchen garden, the cellar. And time stood still. The kids ran off to explore and play and I thought how suitable a bit of jazz and a glass of bubbly would be right now on the cocktail lawn. Right at home.

I almost didn’t come. I almost ignored the invitation. And knowing what I now know, I would have missed these riches. The wonders inside this beautiful garden. Hidden there, with all its treasure, as so many things are until we take the time to discover them…

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