It starts with connection

I hate statistics. Just numbers on a page. They don’t reflect the differences we all bring to our own healing. They don’t reflect our mind or our emotions. They don’t reflect our spiritual selves. They’re like a one dimensional picture transposed onto multi-dimensional beings. One size fits all.

A good friend recounts in his early days of midwifery training a lecturer once telling them ‘there are lies, there are damn lies, and then there are statistics’. And I know when I unearthed the statistics related to my cancer the other day, my hands went cold. A tell tale sign of stress. Because those statistics pulled me back into mindset that I’ve left behind. And I had to remind myself, that I am not a statistic. More than that, those statistics do not tell of those of us that take our healing into our own hands. Leaving nothing to chance. And certainly not handing responsibility for it over to another falliable human being. Instead addressing all aspects of reclaiming true health ourselves – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

I think Dr Mimi Guarneri puts it beautifully. That healing starts with human connection. I’m reading her book ‘The Heart Speaks’ and I can’t put it down. It speaks to my heart as a book full of hope and joy. Because as a cardiologist Dr Mimi started out as most doctors do, just focused on the physical elements of the disease. A brilliant leader in the field of surgery and technology. But then she went on a journey of her own. Under immense pressure herself to work in a system with no time to really listen to her patients, she realised she was no different to the people she cared for. She too at risk of serious illness if she did not change the way she was living her life. And something shifted. She began to take the time to really listen to her patients and discovered within their stories, within their wounds were the very reasons why they had become sick in the first place. Their broken hearts, their lack of meaning, their isolation. And she saw a pattern. Those patients she just operated on without helping them to change their lives ended up back in her office a few years down the track with the same problems. But those people who made changes in their thinking, healing their emotions and the way they lived their lives were the ones that really healed, even against the odds.

I think back on my own healing journey. After a decade of just existing in a bath of stress, I had to learn to live again. I had to find meaning and purpose. I had to heal those emotional wounds that sapped my healing energy. I had to find a reason to be. Yes I needed the surgery and perhaps the chemo and radiation will make all the difference. But if I’d just stopped at that, I find myself wondering, would the problem be more likely to reoccur?

What is healing? What is it really? Is it just about taking drugs and patching ourselves up or is it something deeper…

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