Keep Moving

They say when life’s hard the best thing you can do is to keep moving forward. And after watching Catalyst’s episode on Exercise and Cancer it proves it’s true in more ways than one.

If you haven’t seen this episode, you must.

Because what they’ve done is to demonstrate without a doubt that when we exercise, our bodies create biochemicals that attack cancer cells. We boost our Natural Killer Cell (NKC) activity and they are our front line defence against tumours and viruses.

And when we exercise just before or just after the chemo, we get more blood flow (and therefore more chemo) to the tumours.

It’s a win-win-win.

Because it also helps reduce the side-effects.

And that’s no surprise to me.

Give a person a sense of control, give a person a sense of meaning and purpose, change their expectations, throw a few endorphins in and the most wonderful things happen.

We end up doing our own chemotherapy and we reduce the side-effects.

Looking back I guess I knew instinctively that my body wanted to move to help me rid myself of the cancer. I remember the intense desire to run and how good it felt afterward. The thing is I don’t actually like to run. But at that time the good feelings it gave me just seemed to compel me to do it. And there were other days I climbed 5-6 flights of stairs because I knew I needed to move. Thank goodness for that inner wisdom.

I only wish I had also had someone with the knowledge to guide me with which exercise to do when and how much. How much better would this have been when you can do this at the same time as the chemo.

These days my immune system is back up and running and I make the choice to keep moving my body because I want those Natural Killer Cells in full flight. They are my protection against a recurrence. And so whether its healing the loneliness, healing the grief, learning to laugh again, exercising my body or practising some relaxation regularly, I’ll do whatever I need to to make sure my NKCs are happy and healthy. Which means that I am happy and healthy too…

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