Listening to the expert

I was blessed today to enjoy a beautiful lunch with a beautiful friend. Yes, you know who you are as you read this post. So special to spend time in your company. Such a privilege. So wonderful to laugh.

And as we dined and enjoyed the finer things in life, a question was asked about healing. Because there’s so many different opinions, aren’t there. And everyone’s an expert. What to do. What not to do. And it can be so bloody confusing. Not to mention stressful. I am asked this question often.

I remember the whole issue of diet for instance. For a month or so I adopted the vegan habit. And while some people simply thrive on a vegan diet, I was absolutely miserable. Sitting down to a plate of greens while my family enjoyed a beautiful roast dinner. Not that I don’t like greens. I love them, just not on their own. While for some people a vegan diet is easy to do, for me it wasn’t and I decided the stress and deprivation I felt from trying was worse than any benefits I might gain in the eating.

That’s not to say I’m right.

But what I can say is it feels right for me.

And that’s because food for me is about love and community. I was nurtured as a child by my grandmother. Alive and well, she’ll be one hundred years old next year. And her love for her family has always come through her cooking. In retrospect I can now see that to cut myself off from this wholesome food then was to cut myself off from love. At least at some level, that’s how it felt.

It’s all about meaning really. What something means to us at both a conscious and subconscious level. An important consideration in making our choices about what we are – and are not – going to do as part of our healing. To seek more than one opinion, to get all the information, so that we can then consider our options in light of our values and beliefs. And then to make choices aligned with them.

Because to go against our values, to go against our beliefs is to set up a conflict inside… precisely what we want to avoid.

How often are our beliefs and our values are considered in our treatments? Because they’re so important, aren’t they. And that’s why I believe that what is right for one person, is not necessarily right for another. And why something might work for one person but not for another. Our mind plays a huge role in this. And yes, there are basic elements that are absolutely important in our healing. Reduce stress, learn to handle it better, eat good quality fresh food, get some control back over what is happening, live, laugh and love often to name a few. But then there are other decisions, other choices to be made that only we can know the answer to.

When it comes to listening to the expert, we can often forget that we carry within us our own voice of wisdom, a part of us that knows without a doubt what’s right for us…

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