Little miracles

My middle daughter awoke last week with a torn ear-lobe. Somehow in her sleep it had pulled clean straight through. Strange thing is she didn’t even feel it. No blood either. But here she was with a tear straight down her ear with the flesh at the bottom not quite meeting. It was all I could do not to show the horror on my face. And when I examined it more closely, strangely it seemed to already be beginning to knit together. So the decision was made that she would go to school.

All day I worried about it though. What best to do. A disfigured ear. I was googling to find the answers. And the pictures were kind of nasty. Scars and floppy bits. Not so nice. Plastic surgery down the track seemed the only solution once it healed. And the overwhelming suggestion was to find a doctor to stitch it straight away. And so the appointment was made. My husband was the one to take her. Fair enough I thought. I didn’t want to endure her having stitches. After all, I was the one that took her in when she cracked her nose open. Only fair to share the pain.

In making the appointment we made sure to ask who would be the best doctor to help her. And I’m so glad I did. Because in his wisdom this doctor decided that she was mending well of her own accord and stitches would be more distressful than the actual wound. A steri-strip was all it needed. The instructions, don’t get it wet and keep it on for three days.

So, as the week continued I checked in on her ear each day. And I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Were my eyes deceiving me? Or was she healing her wound invisibly? There was no scar to be seen beneath the steri-strip. Nothing like the horror pictures on the internet. And so I encouraged her. Look how great you’re healing. Wow you are doing an awesome job. We’ve said this to her on many occasions. Using her mind to support her healing. And it seems to have been taken on board at some deeper level. Because she was healing this perfectly, all on her own.

After seven days the steri-strip was still in place. It hadn’t fallen off itself. And so, with a deep breath we decided to remove it. To see what lay beneath. And to my absolute wonder there beneath was a perfectly healed ear. No scar. No floppy bits of flesh. Perfectly knitted together. As if it had never happened. The wonder of it all. And her ability to do this.

But the most incredible thing? A couple of days later she decided to see if her ear would take her earring. I wasn’t game enough, but I encouraged her anyway. Who was I to suggest it wasn’t possible when her wisdom was encouraging her otherwise. And lo and behold it did. The earring fitted so easily back in her ear. Through that part of her that knew how to mend it, she had sealed up her lobe and left the piercing intact. And it blew me away.

Healing. It’s something that simply just happens, isn’t it. A little miracle we so often take for granted…

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