Mere Mortals

We often forget the good times, don’t we. When things go pear shaped and all hell breaks loose. So easy to be caught up in the drama of the crisis. The need to focus on day to day survival.

But I was reminded the other day of that part of us that keeps a memory of all the good times before the crisis. All of our experiences, all of our learnings stored away deep inside. And I’ve found that part of the mystery of healing is to be able to tap back into those good times. And the good feelings we’ve stored away in our memory. All those years of life progressing ‘normally’ before the crisis hit.

Take a person diagnosed with cancer in their early 50s. And while the diagnosis threatens to overwhelm mentally and emotionally, we can so often forget that there have been fifty years prior of life experience without the cancer. Fifty years of living without the reminder that we are in fact mortal. Fifty years of wisdom that we can call upon in order to get us through.

And we can often forget this inner wisdom in the heat of it all, can’t we. Forget that we know what it is like to feel anything other than the panic or fear. But we do know what it is to feel other feelings, don’t we. Feeling memories that can be triggered by a mere thought or sound or even a smell.

Most people don’t realise that even in the midst of crisis, those good feelings are just waiting there, ready to be rediscovered…

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