Pink Perfection

They arrived like a box of chocolates. Six little pink pieces of perfection. And for the first time in years they gave me the confidence to do something I’ve never done before… flash my husband… by text.

Needless to say he was impressed.

I’m not sure why I held off getting a nipple prosthetic. And while my plastic surgeon encouraged me, I guess I didn’t really realise just what a difference it would make to my reconstruction. And my psyche. I noticed my language changed immediately. ‘Boobs’ I said. And I heard the plural for the first time in years. This gorgeous little piece of silicon has transformed me. And I’m loving it.

In this house, we love boobs. Norman Lindsay etchings grace our walls. Beautiful works of art adoring the female form. Along with a gorgeous painting I grew up with in my grandparents house of a semi-clad Balinese woman. She is just so exquisitely beautiful. And you can’t help but get an eyeful the moment you walk in the door. The cheeky part of me loves the challenge to my conservative upbringing. And while some people post mastectomy might not be able to look at these images without feeling the pain, I looked for years and wondered how I might morph into one of these beauties again.

Not that I didn’t feel beautiful. I just didn’t feel complete.

But the little pink nipple has done wonders for the precious bump of my reconstruction. ‘No male could tell the difference’ met with peals of laughter when I showed off my new form.

Males aside, when I look in the mirror it is I who delights in what I see. And that’s the most important bit, isn’t it. Trick of the eye. A matching set. My brain rewiring to reflect this.

While I have worked on the inside to heal the emotional wounds of cancer, an awesome bit of plastic surgery and a tiny pink nipple have done wonders on the outside. Completing the inner work. The smile on my face when I look in the mirror is that they’ve got me winning those wet t-shirt competitions again. At least in my own mind.

And I can feel the ripple effect slowly working wonders…

If you think you are too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito – The Dalai Lama


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