Play it again Sam

It is one of those perfect days. Forever committed to memory. And as we wiped the ice off the windscreen we laughed to ourselves. Because the girls had no idea they were about to experience their first surfing lesson. They thought we were headed for the snow. And rightly so. The world outside was frozen. Perfect snow conditions really. But they were perplexed when we asked them to throw in the swimmers. It was driving them nuts trying to work it out.

And so we headed off. The heater blasting warm air into the frozen interior. It was going to be interesting. Soon, they realised we weren’t heading for the snow. But still it didn’t click. Why would it? Winter here, beaches just weren’t on their radar.

Two hours later we arrived to the most glorious sunny morning. Closer to lunch time really. And as they were still trying to work it out, his timing was perfect. Are you here for the surf lesson? And they beamed with delight. It didn’t take much to get them to peel off and don a wetsuit. It was surprising to realise the water temperature was as warm as the air. A beautiful 21 degrees. And they quickly learned the moves. First on the sand and then in the water.It didn’t take them long to get themselves up on their boards. Nimble little bodies catching their first waves. Okay, the waves were small ones. But the exhilaration on their faces said it all. Best forty bucks we ever spent. To witness their joy. They were really living in this moment.

Steve saw it first. As we stood on the beach vaguely entertaining the possibility of us surfing too, the first whale breached out on the horizon. This awesome body throwing itself into the air in pure joy. Again, and again, and again. Playing in the ocean. Celebrating just the very fact it was alive. Just watching it took our breath away. And it must have been huge. Even to our eyes a couple of kilometres away watching from the sand it was huge. I’d never seen this before. My smallest daughter saw it too. So special to be sharing this with her. A moment of magic she could tuck away and treasure for life. Something just for her.

After the lesson we stopped to enjoy a picnic on the sand. Fish and chips. Good surfie food. And the girls joy spilled over. As if the day had not been magic enough. Watching the waves. The warmth of the sun on our backs. And then there they were. The squeals of delight as our eyes took in the spectacle of a pod of dolphins riding the waves right in front of us. Such grace and beauty. And so many. Pure ecstasy watching them play. And we were spellbound. It seemed to last forever. And as I watched there were others too on the beach that stopped to capture this moment of pure wonder.

And I knew that this day was a precious one. A gift from above for the little library of precious moments I keep tucked away inside my mind. Such beautiful memories that will stay with me forever. These are the times I relive when I want those happy feelings to flow again. Feelings of pure bliss. Not just recall. But actually relive. And as I stop and breathe and take myself back to this moment in time, I can feel the change inside. Because happy feelings are so healing, aren’t they. And ours to enjoy whenever we want to…

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