Get Your Head In the Game: Understanding the importance of the mind in cancer care

Delivery: One Day Workshop for medical, nursing and allied health professionals and students

Professional Development: 6 CPD Hours (AHPRA)

Venue: Canberra ACT or by special arrangement at your hospital or university


Following a number of requests to provide workshops for medical, nursing and allied health professionals, principles of the Embracing Chemo programme have been adapted into a one day workshop for oncology staff.  The workshop aims to provide health professionals with much needed understanding of the importance of the mind and its influence in the patient’s experience of cancer, side-effects and outcomes.

Ongoing research continues to provide strong evidence of the importance of psychological factors in cancer care. Get your head in the game: Understanding the importance of the mind in cancer care provides health professionals with the opportunity to develop their understanding of the need for psychological intervention and how it translates to reduced side-effects, improved quality of life and better patient outcomes, including improvements in survival. But more than that, this workshop provides oncology staff with an opportunity to learn skills that will support their own health in what can sometimes be a very challenging work environment, both mentally and emotionally.

The workshop begins by focusing on the science of psychoneuroimmunology and the effects of stress on the immune system. We examine the impact of psychological factors such as beliefs and attitudes and the inter-relationship between emotions, side-effects and immune function. Practical sessions will further support staff as they discover new ways to implement their learnings in cancer care.

Participants will discover a deeper understanding of:

  • The conscious and subconscious mind
  • The impact of stress on immune function
  • The influence of attitudes, emotions, expectations and beliefs on patient experience
  • The power of verbal and non-verbal communication in patient care
  • The importance of the therapist – patient relationship and how to maximise this for better outcomes
  • The role of the patient in supporting their own healing

Workshops are facilitated by P.S.H. therapist Belinda Hawkins (BMedSc). If you are interested in having a workshop at your hospital or university, please contact Belinda by phone on 0409 619 639 or by email