Reading the signs

These days, when it whispers, I listen. The signs have always been there. I just didn’t know how to read them. My body’s way of communicating to me if it’s stressed or if it’s healing.

And while this may sound a little ‘out there’, would it surprise you to know it’s as simple as becoming aware of the way your body is working. A busy mind and it’s pretty obvious you’re stressed. But cold hands? Well they tell me my body is under stress too. Because when you’re under stress the flight or fight response kicks in and shunts the blood out of your hands and feet to where it’s needed more. So voila! Cold hands don’t mean poor circulation as I thought for many years but that I’ve got a good dose of cortisol and adrenalin running through my body. And when that happens, I’m not healing.

Not spooky, just simple science.

So when I notice my hands are cold these days I don’t ignore the signs. I stop and do something about it. Sometimes I need to stop and rest. Sometimes I need to eat. Fuel up it seems. And sometimes an adjustment does the trick. Once upon a time my hands just would not warm. They’d go so blue they’d have spots. But I’ve learned how to warm them now and it gives me confidence to know I can. That I have a large degree of control over my own healing.

But it’s not just my hands I notice. Take yesterday for instance. After lunch I suddenly sensed I was walking differently. Only a subtle change. No pain. But my left foot didn’t seem to touch the ground in quite the same way. So today I called in to see my husband to get it checked out professionally. It didn’t take long to see what was happening. With a foot on each weight scale I could see I was carrying 7kg to my right. That means more of my body weight was being carried on one side of my body. Big deal you might think… but I’ve learned you don’t ignore this stuff. Because 7kg to one side means my body is working harder to stand up straight. And working harder means it’s using more energy. Energy I could be using for other things… like healing.

One adjustment and my nervous system went to work resetting itself and my body with it. Now balanced both sides to within 0.7kg. I felt better too. My body wasn’t working as hard any more and I felt lighter.

Most people don’t even think about their nervous system. But it controls everything including your immune function. And all sorts of things can knock it out of balance on a daily basis. The trick is for it to come back in to balance. Sometimes we do this on our own. And sometimes we need a little help. Who knows why I was out of balance yesterday? Maybe I was holding my breath with the stress of the new computer I was learning to use? Maybe it was not enough sleep? Maybe it was the emotional upset of a difficult weekend. Maybe it was when I almost dropped the roast pork as I tripped over our dog in the kitchen. Maybe it was something I don’t know about or many things all coming together. I’ll never know. But what I do know is how much more in control I feel being able to listen to my body, read its warning signs and take action to bring back the balance I need to keep my body healthy…

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