Reframing the picture

My husband heard a beautiful story the other day about a woman just about to embark on the trip of a lifetime to Paris.

Fortunately, the leg she had broken just weeks earlier had healed just in time.

But en-route, making her way through the airport terminal she tripped…. and succeeded in tearing all the ligaments off her newly healed leg.

The pain of it all.

There was nothing for it.

A trip to the hospital and her leg in yet another cast.

But she pressed on, wheelchair bound for Paris with her husband to push her. I’m not sure how they managed the bags.

I’ve never been to Paris, but I’m told the lines for the Louvre to see the Mona Lisa are lengthy. Even more difficult to negotiate in a wheelchair.

And so, having waited a time to no avail, the man and his wife made the decision to give up on their expedition to see this masterpiece. There seemed no hope.

But as they discussed their dilemma, it seems a security  guard overhead the whole unhappy tale.

Non, non, non.

The security guard was adamant they see this treasure. And so he waved the hordes of people aside to permit this woman and her husband through, parking the wheelchair slap, bang in-front of the Mona Lisa herself.

Simply spellbinding.

The wonder of a once in a lifetime opportunity to gaze at this beauty from front row seats.

And the same thing happened at the Eiffel Tower.

A truly VIP experience.

It made my day hearing this story. After all, who’d have thought that the disaster that befell this woman in a foreign land would be the very same path to creating the memories of a lifetime…

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