Ringing those bells

The celebration bells are ringing this week. And they are for a very special young woman I’ve known for the past few years now. And it has been my privilege to watch her heal.

It all started ten long years ago. And it can seem like an eternity, can’t it. When we’re going through something so emotionally challenging. The insomnia, the weight gain, the sad and uncomfortable feelings that just wouldn’t go away. And I wonder if it’s no coincidence it all started for her the year her Dad was diagnosed with cancer. And his siblings too. Three out of four of them with cancer. And I guess we’ll never really know the true impact of this news. The devastation it creates. A cancer diagnosis is huge for anyone to deal with, let alone our kids. And others we love. They live it too, don’t they.

But twelve months ago, this beautiful young woman had had enough. Making a promise to herself to heal. And I’m so proud of her. Because it takes such great commitment and courage to do the things she did. Becoming a new person. And we have to do that, don’t we. Reinvent ourselves. As they say, if we keep doing what we’ve always done, we’ll keep getting what we’ve always got. It’s so important that we learn new ways.

And so she began to work on herself, body, mind and soul. Rewiring her brain. Strengthening the pathways that weren’t working so well. Slowly but surely and with the help of her doctor, weaning herself off the meds that were only masking the symptoms and creating havoc in her body. A huge commitment. Time and money. And I never heard her complain once. Only delight as the changes became apparent. Sleep that she hadn’t enjoyed for ten years. Feelings of happiness and wellbeing. And she used her food as medicine. Losing kilo upon kilo by eating in a certain way. Loving herself enough to be conscious of what she was putting in her body. And who she was around. Purging the negative influences in her life. Surrounding herself instead with positive people who believe in her. And as I watch her regain her joy she ignites my own. She doesn’t realise the gift she has given others as we have all witnessed her miracle.

Prioritising our healing. It’s takes sacrifice in the truest sense. A commitment to let nothing get in the way. And yes it takes some tough decisions. Sometimes going without in order to gain something so much better. Breaking away from people and situations that don’t serve us. Changing the way we do things. The way we think and feel. Learning to really love ourselves deeply for perhaps the first time in our lives. Anyone who’s done it will tell you it’s worth the journey…

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