A Safe Place – Belinda Hawkins 
…It is my hope that through this CD you will begin the process of healing as you find your own safe place on your journey. And perhaps sooner than you realise, you will rediscover the peace, strength and healing that lies within you…A Safe Place by Belinda Hawkins

A Safe Place is a CD designed to help people cope with the shock of diagnosis. A guided relaxation, A Safe Place provides the listener with much needed respite from the many challenges of cancer diagnosis and treatment. This CD is appropriate for both the person living with cancer and those who love them.

Healing Your Feelings – with the help of P.S.H. therapy –  Greg Brice
Private Subconscious-mind Healing (P.S.H.) is the most up-to-date form of therapy available for helping people truly resolve problems of a subconscious nature. This gentle, effective therapy has been developed entirely in Australia and the current model practised here successfully for the past thirty years. It has helped thousands of people gain true, permanent, emotional and physical healing.Healing Your Feelings describes how we create sickness, unhappiness and ill-health, and how we can resolve these things with the help of P.S.H. It includes many case studies, both from the author’s practice and those of other P.S.H. therapists.

This book is available at $29.95 for postage within Australia. Please email Belinda at for international post enquiries.