Stuck in a rut… no more

Sometimes I just get so excited I feel like I’m going to burst! And that’s how I feel right now. I’ve just watched Redesign My Brain Episode 2 and it’s brilliant. Ordinary people learning to do extraordinary things with their minds. And I love it that this information is becoming mainstream. No longer just hidden in the universities, but available to all of us.

And this week is all about mindsets. Our brains stuck in a rut. Just firing the same neural pathways so we can’t see new opportunities. And there are so many mindsets we collect throughout our lives, aren’t there. Mindsets that keep us stuck. Preventing us from seeing things can possibly be different. Especially the mindsets around cancer. And chemo.

Because when we’re stuck in a rut how can we possibly see that things could be any different? And we play the same thing over and over, don’t we. Just like a scratched record. Thoughts on loop. Cancer’s a death sentence, cancer’s disabling, cancer is life-changing but only for the worse. Chemo is terrifying, chemo makes you sick. Chemo means you can’t eat, can’t function, can’t enjoy life. All thoughts we don’t really want to hold on to, for too long, aren’t they. And not necessarily true anyway.

I’ve lived well through cancer. And I’ve lived well through chemo. And I’ve come to realise those thoughts are just mindsets. A mind ‘set’ in a particular way because of what we’ve learned over the years. And the beautiful thing I’ve discovered about mindsets is they can be changed. Because we’re changing our minds all the time, aren’t we. And when you dare to change them even just a little bit you open a whole new world of possibilities. And those of us that have done this will tell you just how incredible the world can be, even with the experience of cancer…

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