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Cancer is NOT the problem

ShareTweet You might be wondering why I’ve come to the conclusion that cancer is not the problem. Certainly it’s an issue. And a bloody big one. But it’s not the actual problem. I believe cancer is in fact the consequence of the problem. Of course that begs the question ‘What then is the problem?’ As […]

A little ray of sunshine

ShareTweet Vine ripened. They’re kind of special, aren’t they. They taste better. They look better. Better colour. Better texture. So it seems kind of funny this fear we have of the sun. It’s a bit like being afraid of life itself, isn’t it. Because without the sun, there is no life. And yet we are […]

Looking for answers

ShareTweet Same story. I hear it often. Different people, different places, different times. But always the same story. He lost his son. Tragically, and without warning. In the prime of his life. And not long after the diagnosis of cancer came. The prostate. Some would say it’s an organ linked to feelings of powerlessness. She […]