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Fertile Soil

ShareTweet It’s been a big week this week in the world of science. Because they finally found it. A physical link between stress and cancer. Not that any of us doubted it. After all there’s been a ton of psychological studies out there for years showing how stress makes cancer worse… and to suggest it’s probably […]

Hidden treasures

ShareTweet A secret garden. I discovered it only yesterday. Hidden there, amongst the gums. And I find it quite incredible that I’ve virtually driven past it everyday for the last three years. Never guessing its existence. Down a country road, up a bush drive, through the gate. And there it was. A garden of such […]

Play it again Sam

ShareTweet It is one of those perfect days. Forever committed to memory. And as we wiped the ice off the windscreen we laughed to ourselves. Because the girls had no idea they were about to experience their first surfing lesson. They thought we were headed for the snow. And rightly so. The world outside was […]

Mere Mortals

ShareTweet We often forget the good times, don’t we. When things go pear shaped and all hell breaks loose. So easy to be caught up in the drama of the crisis. The need to focus on day to day survival. But I was reminded the other day of that part of us that keeps a […]

When life gives you lemons

ShareTweet One of my friends had to give a sample of saliva the other day. Only problem is there was a drought on. Her mouth was dry and she could only manage half the volume. Not a problem. ‘Allow your eyes to close,’ I said, ‘and imagine you’ve just picked a lemon off the tree […]

The Power Within

ShareTweet I often wonder why it is that the power of the placebo is so maligned? Or worse still, just completely ignored. I’ve heard people say the word ‘placebo’ as if they have something nasty in their mouth. Spitting their words as if it’s not real or has no right to exist. But this strikes […]