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Reframing the picture

ShareTweet My husband heard a beautiful story the other day about a woman just about to embark on the trip of a lifetime to Paris. Fortunately, the leg she had broken just weeks earlier had healed just in time. But en-route, making her way through the airport terminal she tripped…. and succeeded in tearing all […]

A little ray of sunshine

ShareTweet Vine ripened. They’re kind of special, aren’t they. They taste better. They look better. Better colour. Better texture. So it seems kind of funny this fear we have of the sun. It’s a bit like being afraid of life itself, isn’t it. Because without the sun, there is no life. And yet we are […]

Have you eaten rice today?

ShareTweet It’s a beautiful greeting, isn’t it. The Chinese sometimes greet each other like this. And for me it oozes pure love. I stepped off a plane two days ago from Hong Kong. My husband and I ran away for a beautiful week of indulging our senses. And I often wonder why I didn’t give […]

Play it again Sam

ShareTweet It is one of those perfect days. Forever committed to memory. And as we wiped the ice off the windscreen we laughed to ourselves. Because the girls had no idea they were about to experience their first surfing lesson. They thought we were headed for the snow. And rightly so. The world outside was […]

Jumping at Shadows

ShareTweet I now realise there are times my mind tries to get the better of me. Despite a deeper sense of knowing I am completely healed. And on occasion I can still jump at those shadows. You know, the mysterious aches and pains that before the cancer would have been nothing. But, as they say, once […]

Happy and Healthy

ShareTweet Knife and fork. Black and white. Up and down. Some things are just meant to go together, aren’t they. I recall a friend pointing out another fairly significant one. Happy and healthy. Just rolls off the tongue, doesn’t it. I went for my bloods this week. Just routine. I only do them every six […]

Outside the square

ShareTweet Einstein said you can never solve a problem with the same level of thinking that created it. And so often we find our answers when we look outside the square, don’t we. There are many times I’ve found myself in situations that don’t seem to have any answers. But I’ve come to realise that […]

Escaping the coop

ShareTweet I surprised some pigeons in the chicken coop today. The chickens had departed for the garden leaving the roost unattended. And so the pigeons had wandered in. Pecking at the leftover seed. And as I went out with the food scraps, they got such a fright. Feathers flying everywhere as they tried to escape. […]


ShareTweet My stepfather died just over a week ago. Diagnosed at 77 with a lung cancer, he considered his options and chose not to treat it. The surgery carrying its own significant risks. He’d had a great life he reasoned. Premature at birth and not expected to survive, he’d outlived them all. Mother, father, sister, […]

I lost my breast… why can’t I find it?

ShareTweet I wonder if you’ve ever thought about the language we use around cancer? Today I heard myself telling a friend ‘I lost my breast’. Well if I lost it, you’d think there would be a possibility that I might find it. If only! And then, there’s the word ‘disease’. I prefer to use ‘condition’. […]