The Chicken and the Egg

They’re kind of mesmerising. And as strange as it may sound, it’s become a sort of meditation. Especially for someone who doesn’t really like to meditate. Every morning, enjoying my cup of coffee while watching our chickens strut the garden. Beautiful isa browns. And they are gorgeous. I never realised how much I would delight in them.

We promised our girls a chicken each for Christmas. And so, after spending many a weekend barn raising, we had our chicken shed ready to deliver said promise. But because we’d been away, it had all been delayed until a surprise visit to the rural store on our way back from holidays. We arrived home with them late one Saturday night. One trailer, two dogs, three kids and four live clucking chickens in boxes on their laps. We had to laugh. But at 10pm as we pulled into the drive it became apparent we had a problem. Four trees down on the drive, the trampoline turned over with legs ripped off and the newly finished chicken shed blown down into the paddock, brick footings and all. It must have been some storm. And we found ourselves with a little dilemma.

But there is always an answer, isn’t there. And it popped up quite quickly thankfully. We have a spare bathroom. And so our gorgeous girls free ranged inside for a few days while alternate housing was arranged. A few weeks later they are now outside, free ranging in the garden. Like little French maids with frilly knickers, strutting around, scratching. Head down, bum up, doing their stuff. They are so friendly and quite enchanting. I get a real sense of pet therapy. I’m so amazed how much they have added to our lives in such a beautiful way. And as we race each other to collect the eggs each morning, it dawns on me just how connected we really are. Those chickens and me. Warm eggs, straight into the pan. In the eating of them, becoming a new part of my body, a new part of me.

And I feel a sense of awe at this cycle of things. Because it’s so true, isn’t it. We really are what we eat. Today it has struck me at an even deeper level. And though it’s taken some time to adjust, my body now craves those quality materials to rebuild, strong and healthy. Because it’s the only one I’ve got, and I no longer take it for granted…

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