The Fast Track

Have you ever noticed how when you look into something, it seems to get bigger. And bigger. It’s like the great mysteries of life. When you start to scratch the surface, you often uncover something so much greater, don’t you.

Well the other day I went looking for some more research. Because I knew fasting before chemo can reduce the side-effects. And I knew it would be because when you fast you slow the healthy cells down. I just didn’t understand exactly how. It’s brilliant really. Most people don’t even think about the fact that our bodies are designed to withstand periods of fasting. It hails from the days when we couldn’t just go to the supermarket and buy our next meal. We had to hunt and gather. And there were times when the hunting was poor and the food less plentiful. So our bodies had to know how to happily survive these times. And so our cells went into a period of stasis or hibernation or rest. The growth part stopped and they conserved their materials by repairing instead of reproducing. They slowed down and conserved their energy. And this is the magic bit. When our healthy cells slow down they don’t absorb as much chemo. Less side-effects! And that’s why the fear and anxiety of chemo can actually make the side-effects worse. Because it has the exact opposite effect. Our cells work harder and absorb more of the chemotherapy when we’re scared. I love it when I find the science.

But the incredible thing is the benefits of fasting just continued to grow. The more I looked the more I found. Because it seems that fasting plus chemo actually makes the chemo so much more effective. The cancer cells have not adapted like our healthy cells and they just keep working, harder and harder. I guess that means they absorb more of the chemo, don’t they. And because they haven’t learned to adapt to fasting conditions, it seems they just can’t handle these either. And so they die. All the while our healthy cells are protected. A win – win situation if ever I heard one.

So brilliant! And it costs nothing. They are running studies in the USA at some of the big cancer clinics. Perhaps something we should all be aware of…


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