The Perfect Set Up

It was the perfect set up. A woman primed perfectly to feel nausea on the commencement of chemotherapy. And it was so simply done. Unknowingly, innocently, almost certainly. But if only they realised the importance of what is said at the chemo education session. And in the doctor’s office.

I am told it went something like this.

What was your pregnancy like?

I threw up for 9 months straight.

How do you travel?

I need medication for travel sickness.

Well that gives us some idea of how you’ll do chemo.

And there you have it.

A thought that takes seed. An idea implanted. An expectation set up.

A person perfectly primed to experience nausea with chemotherapy simply because she experienced nausea in other (totally unrelated) circumstances. And although she sailed through her first cycle with relative ease, I wasn’t surprised when she told me she was a bit queasy.

It’s so easy to create a feeling of nausea, isn’t it. Ever had food poisoning? Or gastro. All you have to do is see or smell something that reminds you of that time you felt sick and wham there’s the feeling all over again. It’s about association. I remember when I once suffered a bout of gastro just after eating apricots. It was years before I could look at them again, let alone eat them. Just looking at them brought back that queasy feeling. And I know others whose stomachs turn simply with a smell that reminds them of hospital.

Isn’t it amazing what we can create physically by thought and emotion alone.

I got excited when she told me about the chemo education session. I recognised what was happening immediately. And I knew that together we could do something about it.

The beautiful thing is when it’s created in the mind it can be uncreated and exchanged for something better…


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