The power of prayer

When it comes to research, the jury is still out on the power of prayer. But it’s difficult to reduce such a spiritual act to measurable ingredients, isn’t it. I once heard a kiss described as an exchange of saliva between puckered lips, but it really does miss the whole idea, doesn’t it. And for those of us who believe in the potential of prayer to positively affect outcomes, we know our thoughts carry energy.

As the daughter of a clergyman, it’s funny I really only learnt to pray properly in recent years. And I certainly don’t mean it to be a judgement. Not that I’m religious. Far from it. But I do believe that prayer is powerful. It’s another of those eternal mysteries, isn’t it. And now I have a better understanding about how our minds work, I realise that when we pray for something to happen, we are praying from a place of lack. In fact, what we are really doing, is reminding ourselves that something has not yet happened. Or that something is ‘wrong’. Please God make me strong. Please God, give me peace. Please God, make her well. Because at a deeper level, it reminds us we are not strong, that we don’t feel peace or that someone we love is suffering. And reminding ourselves of these things only strengthens those connections within us, and those emotions, the very things we don’t want. And it can be a revelation to realise that depending on how often we repeat the same prayer, those connections just get stronger and stronger. It’s just the nature of how we are designed, isn’t it. The more we do something, the stronger we get. Just like strengthening a muscle really.

And many of us pray, don’t we. Maybe not formally. Maybe not routinely. But we can usher up our thoughts and desires to a higher entity in all manner of ways, can’t we. Especially when we’re scared, or anxious. So when I work with people I often ask if they pray and if they do, how they pray. Because it is with good reason we are espoused to pray with thanks that we have already received our heart’s desire. Not only because gratitude is healing. But because it carries a different energy, exchanging fear for peace. And a feeling of peace brings such healing to mind and body. Both for ourselves, and those around us. Because we feed off each other, don’t we. And how we feel has such a profound effect on those around us.

When I was diagnosed with cancer I welcomed prayer that gave thanks for my healing rather than asking for it. Because in so doing the message was going out that my healing was a done thing. And that energy carried me. It helped support my mind, which is so important when we’re dealing with cancer, isn’t it. And there’s a little girl in my heart today who could use your prayer too. She’s only 9 years old. Same age as my daughter. Let’s call her ‘L’. And ‘L’s been diagnosed with a brain tumour. Operable yes. But right where her breathing and heart centres are. And it’s touch and go whether she’ll pull through. As a mother who thought she’d lost her daughter, my heart aches. And so I am moved to give thanks that the surgeon hand’s will be steady and that she will pull through without complication. Because it only takes a moment to give thanks doesn’t it…

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