Thinking outside the box

My husband Steve received a Christmas card from Oscar this year. Now this may not strike you as unusual. After all, another Christmas as just been and gone. But when you consider Oscar is a gorgeous brown sausage dog it might just get you to wondering.

When I first met Oscar he was completely unable to walk. Scissor gaiting they call it. And when I saw him at our front door I was horrified. Picture a sleek long brown dog, with a tummy close to the ground, whose back legs just dragged behind him. Somehow he still managed to wag his tail. He’d been to the vet and the vet had not much hope. Oscar was close to being put down. As a last resort Oscar’s mum asked Steve to check him out. Just to see if there was anything that he could offer, anything at all.

So Steve adjusted him. Not a great deal of improvement the first time. But three ‘visits’ later, with his nervous system working better, a small miracle happened. Oscar’s legs were virtually healed. Within the week he was close to running. And while I have the utmost respect for the vets that have helped our animals numerous times, Oscar might quite possibly have been a dead duck if his Mum hadn’t been game enough to look outside the box.

Sometimes it’s a different approach that makes all the difference…

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