This year of learning

I’ve learned a lot this year.

About myself.

About cancer.

About treatment.

And about what’s possible.

I’ve learned I can come back from the ‘dead’. That a recurrence is not the end and that I don’t have to buy into the fear mindset out there.  That there is a ‘cure’ if I look inward not outward.

I’ve learned I need to look after my immune system like there’s no tomorrow. After all it’s the only protection I’ve got. What I eat. What I do. What I think is so important. And that’s just the beginning.

I’ve learned that I have a chronic condition that can be managed. Of course the potential is always there floating in the background. But for seven years I kept it in check and all I need to do now is get myself back in balance so I can continue on happy and healthy for who knows how long. I plan to be here a long time, God willing.

I’ve learned about sacrifice. That I have to let go of somethings to get something better.

I’ve learned that I need to stand up to the stressors in my life and get ruthless and chuck them out before any damage can take hold. To say no when things aren’t right for me. To value myself and my health ahead of anything else. To heal what I need to heal. To stop being so ‘nice’. To get tough when I have to.

I’ve learned I need to slow down and not take on too much. That I don’t need to be the superwoman society pressures us to be. That there is another way.

I have learned how important it is to have people around me who believe I can heal. Friends and family who have carried me when the road gets hard. And it has been hard sometimes. Loved ones who won’t allow me to crumble into the pity party – although I must confess at times it has been tempting.

I’ve learned my mind can protect and buffer me against the current flowing the other way. And how lucky I am to have a mind that is open to all types of healing. Not set in it’s ways but willing to do whatever it takes.

Most of all I’ve learned to listen once again to my inner voice of wisdom and take heed. To be proactive. To follow my instincts. To do what’s right for me.

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