When life gives you lemons

One of my friends had to give a sample of saliva the other day. Only problem is there was a drought on. Her mouth was dry and she could only manage half the volume.

Not a problem.

‘Allow your eyes to close,’ I said, ‘and imagine you’ve just picked a lemon off the tree out the back. A nice firm, yellow lemon.’

‘Is it big or small?’

‘Is it thick skinned or thin?’

‘Is it fully ripe, or does it have some green still on it?’

‘Feel it in your hands. Can you smell it as you scratch the skin?’

‘And now pop it on a cutting board and take a knife in your hand. Hear yourself cutting through the lemon.’

‘Did the juices spray into the air as you cut all the way through?’

Next I was going to suggest she squeeze the lemon into a glass, watching the juice pour in before taking a great big sip. But I didn’t have to. By this stage, her mind had done its work and she spat a huge sample of saliva into the collecting jar.

A bodily reaction from a purely mental construct. Many people don’t realise it’s an incredible ability we all have.

And there are so many examples of how this mind body connection works.

One of my favourite’s is borrowed from Deepak Chopra.

So go on, wiggle your toes… take a minute to stop and give them a good wiggle.

Did you do it?

Thought about it first, didn’t you. And then you translated that thought into a bodily response.

And what happens when you’re sad… you cry. Sad thoughts, sad feelings create those tears, don’t they.

Or when you think happy thoughts, feel happy feelings… you smile and laugh.

Just think about what happens when a young man reads playboy! Now there’s a beautiful example of the mind influencing the body.

I often wonder why people find it so hard to believe the mind and body are so intimately connected. It’s something we experience everday. And it doesn’t make sense to split us up. After all, we’re whole beings, aren’t we. I’ve never seen a body walking around without a mind and I’ve never seen a mind without a body.

A wise man once said the sum is greater than the total of its parts. And the mindbody connection, or as my friend Peter calls it, the bodymind, is such an under-utilised resource in healing.

I can only wonder what you can achieve with yours…

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